About Skype

Skype can be used on Google Chrome, IE9, IE8, IE10, and Firefox browsers. You can use the version of Skype


Search for the installation file

Double-click on the file

Follow the installation tutorial


Click on "I Accept" and follow the on screen steps to finish the installation of skype


Once you install it you will be able to log in.


1Click “Create new account”.

1Click “Create new

skype skype

2Create account.
Choose “Create with phone number” or “Create with an email address”.


3Add your First name and Last name.


4You'll get a code either via SMS or Email. Enter the code and click "Next".


5Login to dashboard after you have completed the registration.

How to find your Skype ID?

Check on Skype website:

- Please login from button below.

- You can find your Skype ID at the top-right corner.

Please contact our customer support

Make sure that the microphone and speakers are connected properly before the beginning of your class.
Use the "Echo / Sound Test Service" to start the Skype audio test.


Select Echo or Sound Test Service from your Contacts list.

Click the "Call" button.


You can try calling three times to make sure that your microphone and headphones are working.


If the Call Quality information is displayed in red, please check your network connection. Click on the "Call Quality Information" button, select "Connection", and then click "Test Now".

The teacher will log in several minutes before the beginning of the class.


You should accept the contact request from the teacher.

※ If you do not add your teacher’s account to your contact list, you will not be able to see the photo of the teacher and you will not be able to send messages to chat with him or her. Please make sure your teacher account is added to your contact list.


Add the teacher´s Skype account to your contact list.


The class starts as soon as you answer the Skype call. Each class is for 25 minutes.

The teacher will call you when the class starts. Click the answer button on Skype to see your teacher.


The class starts as soon as you answer the Skype call. Each class is for 25 minutes.

※ If the video call connects successfully, there will be a small screen displayed on your side.

Skype Guide

  • 1
    Contact Information You can hide or display the contact list.
  • 2
    Message You can hide or display the chat messages.
  • 3
    Video You can turn on or turn off your video.
  • 4
    Microphone You can turn on or mute your microphone.
  • 5
    File transfer You can send files to your teacher.
  • 6
    Ending the call Click this button to finish the call.
  • 7
    Call Quality Information Check the condition of the microphone, speakers and connection.
  • 8
    Full screen Switch to full screen or leave full screen.

**If the Internet quality is unstable, you can also try turning off your webcam to improve audio quality.