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 Goal / What you can do at the leveltoelf ibt
EntryLevel1Can use the alphabet, numbers, greetings, basic expressions.---
BeginnerLevel2Can ask and answer questions about familiar things.---
Level3Can talk about daily routines, feelings, and use English in certain everyday situations such as shopping.---
Level4Can enjoy simple daily conversations.---
IntermediateLevel5Can use English when traveling abroad.40-56
Level6Can enjoy daily conversations smoothly.57-75
Level7Can watch English dramas or movies without subtitles.76-86
Level8Can use English at work and communicate with foreign coworkers.87-97
AdvancedLevel9Can use a wide range of vocabulary and idioms, and can easily converse with native speakers.98-109
Level10Can use English fluently as an executive at a foreign-affiliated company.110-120
The Engoo level scale, supervised by PearsonPLC, is defined based on the GSE (Global Scale of English), which is a global guideline used to determine a person’s English level.

* The Global Scale of English (GSE), produced under collaboration of thousands of English professionals, can also be aligned with the scales of other English level exams such as CEFR, TOEFL, etc.

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