TOEFL iBT Speaking

TOEFL iBT Speaking Advanced

This book determines the latest trends in TOEFL Speaking Test questions. The main goal is to prepare students for the actual tests through exercises that focus on the application of key expressions in related topics. This book is recommended for advanced level students who want higher grades in the exam.

©Book: How to Master Skills for the TOEFL SPEAKING Advanced / Written by: Arthur H.Milch, Denise McCormack, Jasmine C. Swaney, E2K / Published by: Darakwon Ltd

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Personal Experience

Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Life Changes
Unit 5
Home Characteristics
Unit 6
Unit 7
Unit 8
Unit 9
Challenging Experiences
Unit 10
Living Environment
Unit 11

Personal Preference

Unit 12
Personal Preference -sample iBT Question
Unit 13
Cell Phones
Unit 14
College Housing Arrangements
Unit 15
Part-time Jobs
Unit 16
Life after High School
Unit 17
Measures of Success
Unit 18
Kinds of Books
Unit 19
Films & Concerts
Unit 20
Summer Vacation Activities
Unit 21
Comfort in Different Generations
Unit 22
Life Lessons

Reading & Conversation

Unit 23
Reading & Conversation -sample iBT Question
Unit 24
School Facilities
Unit 25
Dormitory Policies I
Unit 26
Class Size Increases
Unit 27
School Policies
Unit 28
Night Classes
Unit 29
Dormitory Policies II
Unit 30
Student Affairs
Unit 31
Library Renovations
Unit 32
Online Library Materials
Unit 33
Parking Policies

Reading & Lecture

Unit 34
Reading & Lecture -sample iBT Question
Unit 35
Unit 36
Unit 37
Cyclic Population Change
Unit 38
Short-term Memories
Unit 39
Scent Marketing
Unit 40
Fixed Action Patterns
Unit 41
Creative Categorization
Unit 42
Process Explanation
Unit 43
Competence Stages
Unit 44
Paradoxes of Choice


Unit 45
Conversation -sample iBT Question
Unit 46
Student Life I
Unit 47
Unit 48
Student Activities
Unit 49
Living Situations
Unit 50
Changing Classes
Unit 51
Extracurricular Activities I
Unit 52
Student Life II
Unit 53
Student Advisors
Unit 54
Extracurricular Activities II
Unit 55
Residential Life


Unit 56
Lecture -sample iBT Question
Unit 57
Defensive Adaptations
Unit 58
Name Recognition
Unit 59
Art Methods
Unit 60
Animal Cooperation
Unit 61
Pollinator Attraction
Unit 62
Unit 63
Unit 64
Positive & Negative Reinforcement
Unit 65
Film Shots
Unit 66
Positive Thinking

Actual Test

Unit 67
Actual Test 01 (Task 1-4)
Unit 68
Actual Test 01 (Task 5-6)
Unit 69
Actual Test 02 (Task 1-4)
Unit 70
Actual Test 02 (Task 5-6)