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Al Taransky

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I am a graduate of literature. I have years of experience in the BPO industry as a customer service rep and a telemarketer. I am also a former computer technician and I volunteer to care for the elderly. I am working as a freelance writer and a voice over talent online. I teach English so people can learn the language that gave me a lot of career opportunities.

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  • Mickey
    Hello, Teacher Al! Thank you so much, for another great class! You're good at talking about games![Street fighter, Dead or alive etc] I was impressed! And you're good to talk about game characters too! I was happy that you know and talk about Chun Li, Cammy, Juri, Kasumi, Leifang, and Bayman! It was a great and fun time for me! Thank you for make me happy and give a good friendship to me again! I hope to book your class and see you soon! :)
  • Mickey
    It's certainly an honor to meet you, teacher Al. You have a warm heart, and you have a benign smile! I like it! And thank you for chatting with me and giving a friendship to me! It made me very happy! If I continue to talk with you, I suppose we can always share a good friendship! I hope to book your class and see you again! :)
  • Nika
    nice teacher~~
  • LYNN
    Al is humorous and communicative. it's so fun to study with him :) 會針對學生需要補強地方適度建議,就算超時快5分鐘也不介意
  • 강지현
    Al was very kind and his class was really fun!!!
SchoolPenn Foster Academy
HobbyGardening, Videogames, reading
Favorite MoviesThe Maze Runner