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Charlie L

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I have always had a love for teaching, embracing new cultures, and meeting new people, and being an ESL teacher offers a wonderful place to explore these opportunities. I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and have worked in a variety of industries, such as Telecoms and Cosmetics, for over 15 years. My hobbies include travelling, almost any sport, cooking, and watching anime and series. I was drawn into ESL because of my passion for teaching, my love of the English language, and the desire to help others explore the world of possibilities of learning English.

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  • Hyunjin
    정말 굿 티처 입니다. 강추합니다. By any chance, if you can read this message, I'd like to let you know 'chao chao' means good bye in Chinese, not Korean. :)
  • carol chen
    Teacher Charlie is a very passionate and kind teacher. He gave me some constructive advice about studying abroad and inspired me with his encouraging words. Thank you, teacher Charlie.
  • Yáo Luò Luò
    I'm so lucky to meet such a nice patient tutor, Charlie not only teach me what I want to learn, but also give me confidence to improve my speaking ~~!!
SchoolRand Afrikaans University
HobbySports, watching series, anime, travelling
Favorite MoviesThe Shawshank Redemption