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Hi My name is Bay, I am a person who enjoys changing and motivating students as well as changing their lives by introducing new vocabulary. My love for teaching English is beyond measure. I am a very patient individual. My aim and objective is to maximize my potential and my ability in making sure that I impart knowledge to my students. My ethics and belief is that all cultures make us who we are.I also believe that diversity gives us the ability to learn and grow by learning other peoples cultures. When I am teaching English I envision the world as one huge continent.

star 4.79
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  • Pattystar5

    Great teacher with patience !!

  • Eaglestar5

    Bay is very patient and kind. She noted the words that I spoke wrong in the class and it was very helpful.

  • Zeph Changstar5

    She's very kind and patient also funny, we had a great time together, not only working on the daily news section (which I've chosen at first) she also shared with me some tips of learning English plus her personal experience, that was a really great conversation.

  • Lee Sojeongstar5

    재미있게 Free talking 을 이끌어 나가 주십니다. 주제에 대해 고민하지 않아도 이야기가 흥미로워서 꾸준히 만나고 싶은 선생님. 친절하고 편안합니다. Thank you.

  • No Rating

    선생님 열정적이시고 친절하세요. Thank you.

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