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7 Facts About Engoo Tutors for World Teachers' Day

7 Facts About Engoo Tutors for World Teachers' Day

Today is World Teachers' Day. To celebrate, here are seven fun facts about our wonderful tutors.

1. We have over 10,000 tutors

When our company first started in 2013, we only had 119 active tutors. By 2021, that number had grown to over 10,000!

This is one reason we can offer lessons 24/7, every day of the year. And besides availability, our large pool of tutors has many other advantages for learners.

10,000+ tutors means 10,000+ teaching styles. So as a student, you'll definitely be able to find the right tutor for your specific learning style and needs.

You can also find tutors who share your interests, both personal and professional. Our tutors have worked in many fields — from design and music to business and pop culture — so you can find someone to help you discuss almost any topic in English.

2. Engoo tutors teach 1 million lessons each month

Engoo tutors conduct an average of 1.1 million lessons each month. This translates to 458,000 hours of lessons every month and a little over a century every two months!

This means many of our tutors have a lot of experience teaching English. You can find our most experienced tutors by using the "Over 3 years teaching experience" tag.

3. Engoo tutors come from 100+ countries

The number is always changing, but at any given time, we have tutors from over 100 different countries. That’s about three-quarters of all the countries in the world!

As a learner, this means:

  • You can learn a wide range of dialects and accents.
  • You can learn from both native and non-native tutors.
  • You can find tutors with a similar cultural background or even the same native language as you, which can make communication simpler.
  • If you're planning to visit a specific country, you can find a tutor who lives there to ask them for advice on your trip.

English is a global language, so we're happy we can give our students opportunities to learn directly from English speakers all over the world.

4. Most Engoo tutors come from the Philippines, Serbia, the US and the UK

Our top two countries are the Philippines and Serbia. Both of these are home to a lot of fluent English speakers.

The US and the UK take third and fourth place, followed by Japan, where we’ve hired a lot of bilingual tutors who teach Japanese in addition to English.

5. Many Engoo tutors majored in English language & literature

Our tutors studied all sorts of things at university, ranging from engineering and graphic design to nutrition and philosophy

Not surprisingly for an English tutoring platform, English language and literature is the most popular major, with education coming in third.

This is another reason why even our tutors who are not from native English-speaking countries speak very good English.

6. Engoo tutors are an average of 30 years old

Over half of our tutors are in their twenties while close to a third are in their thirties, with the average age coming out to around 30.

We do have tutors from a wide range of ages though! Here is the breakdown:

Having tutors from a wide range of age groups also gives you choices. For example, if you want to learn from someone who may have more in common with you, you can find a tutor from the same generation as you.

Or you can use it as an opportunity to experience different points of view. For example, learning from a tutor who is the same age as your child may give you insights into their perspective, while studying with an elderly tutor may teach you some valuable life lessons.

7. Engoo tutors love Harry Potter

According to a survey we did last year, watching movies is our tutors' most popular pastime. And when we asked about their favorite movies, the Harry Potter series received the most votes, followed by Titanic and The Notebook.

Meet a tutor yourself!

We hope you now have a good idea of how awesome our tutors are. But don't take our word for it. Book a lesson with a tutor to see for yourself. Sign up here!