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Celebrate Halloween with Engoo October 27-31!

Celebrate Halloween with Engoo October 27-31!

Halloween is coming up, and at Engoo, that means it’s one of the best times to take a lesson with us. Read on to find out why!

Tutors in costumes

That’s right. Between October 27 and 31, some Engoo tutors will show up in a costume! We’re hosting a Halloween costume contest, and while we can’t tell you exactly who or how many tutors will participate, just know that their costumes can be quite epic. 

Here were our favorites from last year:

Winners of the 2021 Engoo Halloween Costume Contest, chosen by our staff

If you get to take a lesson with a costumed tutor, remember to ask for a photo! Here are some phrases you can use to do that:

Can we take a photo together please?
Can I take a screenshot of our lesson?

We love to see our tutors and students having fun together, so if you feel comfortable sharing photos on social media, please tag us using the #EngooHalloween2022 hashtag. Here’s a sentence you can use to ask tutors for their permission to post a photo of them online:

Is it OK with you if I post this photo to Facebook/Instagram?

Of course, feel free to put on a costume too. If you have kids who learn with us, we encourage them to take lessons wearing their favorite costumes!

Other Halloween fun

In addition to costumes, there will also be a Halloween-themed virtual background and some emojis to spice up your lesson.

You can also use this opportunity to learn about how Halloween is celebrated around the world. Here are some questions you can ask your tutor:

How is Halloween celebrated in your country?
Are there any holidays similar to Halloween in your country?
What costumes have you worn before?

These Engoo Daily News lessons will also help you learn more about Halloween while improving your English:

We hope you plan to take some lessons between October 27 and 31. If you haven’t already, sign up for an Engoo account!