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Engoo's Latest Update: Automatic Lesson Recordings

Engoo's Latest Update: Automatic Lesson Recordings

It's not easy to remember everything you studied in a lesson. Even when you take notes, you sometimes miss important things. That's why we're happy to announce our latest update: an audio recording tool, built into our lesson room.

This feature is automatic, so just take a lesson as usual, and a recording will be waiting for you at the end. Today, we'll show you where to find your recordings and share some tips for making the most of them.

Where to Find Lesson Recordings

Where do you find your recordings after you take a lesson?

  1. Go to the lesson notes for the lesson you want to listen to.
  2. Click on the button underneath the notes to enter the lesson room.
  3. At the top of the lesson room, you'll see an audio player. That's your lesson recording. Click play to start listening!

If you scroll down, the audio player will move to the right side of the page, above the chatbox.

While listening:

  • You can skip forward and backwards by 10 seconds each time.
  • You can speed up or slow down the recording by changing the playback speed.

Please note:

1. You will have access to all lesson recordings as long as you are a paid member of Engoo. If your membership expires, you will only be able to access lesson recordings from lessons taken in the past seven days.

2. We currently do not support the playback feature in Safari or on iOS devices. We are working on this and will make an announcement when it becomes available. In the meantime, you can use the recording tool in the following browsers and devices:

  • PC
    • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
    • MacOS: Chrome, Firefox
  • Mobile Devices
    • Android: Chrome

How to Make the Most of Your Lesson Recordings

1. Review On-the-Go

Not everyone has the time to review their notes for each lesson. Now, you can easily review your lessons while you're commuting, doing housework, or working out. Simply listen to the recording in the background. You might even notice some things you missed the first time!

2. Check Your Progress

Do you make fewer grammar mistakes, speak in longer sentences, or sound more confident now? Check your past lesson recordings to find out. By listening to yourself three months, half a year, or even a year ago, you'll realize how much you're improving – and what you still need to work on.

3. Practice Your Listening

Some people are harder to understand than others because they speak faster or have an accent you're not used to. By listening to lesson recordings, you can get better at understanding English spoken at different speeds and with different accents. You can also slow down the speed of the audio if you need to.

4. Improve Your Pronunciation

To improve your pronunciation, try a technique called "shadowing." Simply play a recording and repeat what your tutor says as they're saying it. Unlike normal speaking, which requires you to focus on what you say, shadowing allows you to focus on how you sound: your accent, intonation, rhythm, sentence stress, etc.

Try Out the Recording Feature!

We hope the recording feature makes your learning experience on Engoo even better. If you haven’t already, join Engoo and start taking one-on-one English lessons with professional tutors around the world.