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Ukraine Donation Drive Results

Ukraine Donation Drive Results

At Engoo we stand with our tutors and staff from Ukraine.

In order to help those who have been affected in Ukraine, we ran a fundraising campaign from Saturday March 5th until Monday March 7th where for each lesson booked on Engoo we would donate 20 JPY (0.17 USD) to the Japanese Red Cross Society. 

Additionally, we partnered with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society to run a direct donation drive encouraging our students, tutors, and staff to donate. 

We are proud to report that so far these campaigns have raised a total of 65,627 USD (as of 13:00 JST on March 9). Our thanks go out to all the tutors and students who booked lessons and particularly to those who donated directly.

Fundraising Details:

Number of lessons booked during the campaign: 93,964 lessons

Donation to the Japan Red Cross Society raised through these lessons: 16,275 USD

(1 USD=115.47 JPY)

Number of students, tutors, and staff who made a direct donation: 285

Total direct donation to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society from students, tutors, and staff:

49,352 USD 

(As of 12:00 JST on March 9 including donations made through DMM Eikaiwa, Engoo’s Japanese brand) 

If you haven’t donated already, we encourage you to do so. Every donation helps the estimated 2 million Ukrainian refugees:


Donations can be either a one-time payment or a monthly contribution. Regardless of whether you donate yourself, we encourage you to share this fundraising link with friends and family on social media. Donations can be made by anyone, even if they are not affiliated with Engoo.

We are grateful to all the people who showed their support through our fundraising campaign. Hoping for peace, we stand with Ukraine.