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How to Ask If You Are Saying Something Correctly in English

How to Ask If You Are Saying Something Correctly in English

When you are learning English, it's natural to feel unsure about many things you say. You may wonder if you said the correct word or if the idiom you used was appropriate for the situation.

Instead of simply wondering, it's better to ask your conversation partner if what you said was correct or not. Since it is something you may be asking often, it's nice to have different ways to say it, so we'll briefly introduce some in this article.


Using correct grammar is necessary for good communication, so make sure you aren't repeating mistakes or forming bad habits that will be difficult to change later.

Use these examples when you want to check that you are saying things the right way.

"Can you confirm if I'm using the correct grammar here?"
"Is my grammar accurate?"
"Am I using the right tense/verb form here?"
"Is my grammar correct in this sentence?"


A woman correcting someone's English pronunciation

Even if your grammar is great, pronunciation is important if you want to be understood by the people you are talking to. These examples will help you check that it is accurate.

"Am I saying this right?"
"Am I pronouncing this word correctly?"
"Can you please verify if my pronunciation is correct?"
"Did I get the right stress/emphasis?"
"Is my pronunciation accurate?"

Phrasing and syntax

Phrasing and syntax relate to the words you use to express your ideas and the way those words are arranged.

Using inappropriate words may make your conversation partner confused about what you want to say, and unnatural word order will sound strange even if the words you use are correct. Below are some good phrases to use to make sure you're communicating as best you can.

"Does this sentence sound right to you?"
"Could you let me know if my phrasing is correct?"
"Does this word make sense in this context?"
"Could you check if I'm using the correct word here?"
"Is my sentence structure correct?"
"Did I use the correct word order?"
"Am I using the right words?"


Two women having a conversation in English while drinking coffee

The following phrases are less specific, so you can use them to check your overall English without focusing on a particular thing.

"Is that right/correct?"
"Can you confirm I got that right?"
"Can you tell me if I'm saying this properly?"
"Does that make sense?"


It's always a good idea to look for feedback to help you improve your language skills. When you're speaking with a tutor, you may feel more comfortable asking these kinds of questions. However, don't be too shy to ask friends and others you chat with to check that you're saying things correctly.

Of course, you shouldn't ask after everything you say — that would make the conversation very slow and unnatural! However, there's no problem asking from time to time, and most people will be happy to help you stay on the right path.