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In Vogue: 11 Alternative Expressions for "Popular"

In Vogue: 11 Alternative Expressions for "Popular"

People, places and events that are popular are naturally a big topic of conversation. And whenever lots of people are talking about something, new and creative expressions will begin to appear.

You may already know the word "popular," but how many other ways can you express that idea? This time, let's take a look at some alternatives you can use to say that something is well known and well liked.

All the rage

Although you may not hear young people say it, this is still a common expression for "popular" that most people will understand.

True crime podcasts and documentaries seem to be all the rage recently.


As a noun, a "hit" is something that is very successful and well known. It's often used for things like movies, books, video games, etc.

The new movie is a hit at the box office, earning millions of dollars in its opening weekend.


Someone's hand demonstrating a fidget spinner

A craze is a trend that spreads fast.

Fidget spinners were a huge craze among children and adults a few years ago.


Popularity and interest are often compared to heat in English. Therefore, something very popular can be described as being "hot"!

Torn jeans must be really hot right now; I see so many kids are wearing them.

In vogue

When something is "in vogue," it is fashionable and stylish.

Minimalist home decoration is in vogue these days, with many people choosing clean and simple designs.

Talk of the town

Here's another slightly old-fashioned expression that still gets used today. It means that something is being discussed by a large number of people.

The celebrity's shocking announcement has been the talk of the town for the past week.


A group of teens all wearing pink

This is a relatively new term for popularity. It means that something is getting a lot of attention and discussion on social media and in the general public.

Barbiecore is trending due to the success of the 2023 movie.

Barbiecore is a style of fashion and decoration that attempts to recreate the world of Barbie, mainly through the use of bright pink.

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Widely acclaimed

This means that something is receiving a lot of praise and positive reviews. 

The restaurant is widely acclaimed for its unique menu and excellent service.


This refers to something that causes a strong emotional reaction, usually excitement. It is the noun form of the adjective "sensational."

The young musician became a sensation overnight after her performance went viral on YouTube.


Before something becomes very popular, there is often a period of "buzz." This is when many people are discussing or enjoying something, but it hasn't reached mainstream popularity yet.

The director's new movie is creating a lot of buzz in the film industry.


This is a casual term that refers to excitement and anticipation that has been created through promotional activities, rumors and word of mouth. 

The hype for the new superhero film is reaching incredible levels, as fans look forward its release this summer.

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Though the people, products and events that are popular are always changing, there are certain terms that you can always use to talk about them.

Whether chatting with friends, posting on social media or reading the news, the more expressions you know, the more connected you will be.

Written by Sana, adapted by David