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Let's Play!

Let's Play!

Games are a fun and effective way to learn English. Today, we’ll introduce a game suitable for all ages, that can expand your vocabulary. 

To play, draw a table like the one below or simply print it out. Let the game begin!

Steps of the game:

1. Draw a table like the one shown above or print this one out. Each participant or team needs to have a table of their own.

2. At the top of each column, write a category, like "place" or "animal" or "fruit" or "song." The categories can be whatever you like, but at first it's best to use ones that are common and simple.

3. Cut up some paper or card into small pieces and write out each letter of the alphabet on them, with just one letter on each piece. Put the pieces of paper or card face down in a pile on the table and mix them up..

4. Each player/team takes turns to draw a letter from the pile. The goal of the game is to write something that starts with that letter in each category..

5. Set a time limit, like 3 minutes, during which the players/teams must try to find a word starting with that letter for each category on the table. Use whatever time limit works best for you.

6. Once the time is up, each player/team takes turns reading the words written down out loud and assigning points.

7. Calculate the total and start over! You can do as many rounds as you like.

How to assign points:

0 points - for no word or an incorrect word;

5 points - for every correct word written down by two or more people;

10 points - for every correct unique word (written by only one player)

If you need to improve your vocabulary to win the next round of the game, you can always practice with free Engoo materials.