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"Take it Easy!" 10 English Expressions for Relaxing

"Take it Easy!" 10 English Expressions for Relaxing

Life can be busy and stressful sometimes. Whether it's because of responsibilities at work, assignments at school, or spending time with loved ones, everyone needs a break from time to time.

Since relaxing is an activity that everyone enjoys, there are a variety of ways to express it. This time, we'll introduce some common expressions for resting that all English learners should know. There is a good chance you'll have the opportunity to use one soon!

Chill (out)

A woman relaxing on a hammock

You've probably heard this expression before. "Chill" implies cooling down, like a busy machine that has been overheating and is finally stopping.

Though this usage of the word began as slang in hip hop culture, it has become common and understood by everyone.

I’m planning to just chill this weekend.
I think you're working too hard. Why don't you take the afternoon off and chill out?

Take it easy

"Taking it easy" means slowing down and moving at a more relaxed pace.

I spent all afternoon listening to music and taking it easy.

Similar to "chill," you can also use this expression to tell someone to relax.

I told Jeff to take it easy, but he seems to enjoy working overtime.


Just like our phones and electronic devices need to be charged from time to time, our bodies and minds must rest in order to remain strong. That's why we use this expression, which sounds as if we are plugging ourselves into a power outlet so we can recover our energy.

She canceled her plans for tonight so she can recharge.
That visit to the spa was great. I feel totally recharged now.

Put (one’s) feet up

A man putting his feet up and relaxing on his balcony

This one is simple: if your feet are up, it means you are sitting or lying down!

I’m just going to put my feet up tonight and read a good book.
Put your feet up and I'll make you a nice meal.

Kick back

This has the same meaning as the previous expression; "kicking back" implies relaxing on a chair or sofa while your feet are raised off the ground.

We’re just going to kick back and watch the football game today.
For her birthday, she decided to get a nice hotel room downtown and just kick back.

An alternative slang version of this expression is "kick it."

I might go out, but I'll probably just kick it at home today.


Stress in daily life can make you feel like you are being compressed, or pushed down. Adding the prefix "de-" gives the word its opposite meaning: releasing the pressure in order to feel more free and relaxed.

We like to play golf to decompress.
Knitting helps my girlfriend decompress.


A woman enjoying me-time by getting a massage

Parents and people who work to help others often have difficulty finding time for themselves.

When you decide that you need a break from other people in order to focus on yourself and what you enjoy, you can say you're taking some "me-time."

I'm leaving my kids with their grandparents so I can have some me-time this weekend.
Thank you so much for helping us. You definitely deserve some me-time now.


This expression is a little different than the others we have introduced so far. Instead of simply relaxing, it includes the nuance of removing oneself from a busy life of high-tech devices and digital communication such as social media.

I texted Jill, but she hasn’t responded.
She told me she was planning to unplug this weekend. Her phone is probably off.


This word is the opposite of the phrase "to be wound up," which means to be or feel very anxious.  Therefore, "unwinding" is releasing stress and recovering a feeling of peace and calmness.

I always go to a sauna after a busy day to help me unwind.
It’s difficult to unwind with my neighbor playing the drums next door!


A young woman relaxing on a small sofa

As a noun, “lounge” is the word for a room in which people relax. However, the verb form means to lie, sit or stand in a relaxed way.

Who are those people lounging over there in the corner?
Take your time. I'll just lounge here until you're finished.


Everyone needs to relax from time to time. Terms like "kick back" and "chill" are often used among friends, but even in formal environments, expressions such as "unwind" and "decompress" are common. That means you can always find a good expression for your situation.

But no matter how you say it, always remember to care for your physical and mental health by relaxing when you need a break. We are all at our best when we are rested and full of energy.