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Improve Your Self-Study with Our New AI Tools

Improve Your Self-Study with Our New AI Tools

Even though we've just announced our new tabs feature, we have even more news to share!  This time, we'd like to introduce the latest exciting use of AI on our platform. 

We hope you've been taking advantage of our AI study tools. As the power of artificial intelligence continues to grow, we'll continue to use it to improve our service.

This article will introduce some new and different AI features that can help enhance your solo English study experience. Let's take a closer look.

Feature #1: Daily News Read Aloud

A screenshot of the new playback speed options in Daily News

The first feature is related to Daily News, our most popular type of learning materials. If you don't already know, Daily News articles allow you to learn vocabulary and expressions by reading interesting news stories from around the world.

Starting immediately, you can have Daily News lessons read aloud to you by an AI voice! Even better, this service provides two different voices, one in American English and one in British English. Now you can practice listening in high-quality, natural English as if a native speaker were reading the article to you.

Although you cannot select which of the voices you will hear, you can choose from five different audio speeds, so you can study at the pace that is just right for you.

Feature #2: Listen to audio from role-play sessions

A screenshot of the new speaker icon that lets users download their roleplay audio

When you use your own voice when practicing with the AI role-play tool*, you can now listen back to recordings of what you've said. To do so, just click on the speaker icon at the bottom of your word balloon.

This feature can help you practice and improve your speaking skills by learning where you are strong and the areas where you can still improve.

*This tool requires registering an account.

Feature #3: Download lesson recordings

A screenshot of the button that allows users to download the recordings of their lessons

The last feature we'd like to highlight is not directly related to AI, but it is something that has been requested by users for a long time.

Previously, lesson recordings were only available on the site, but many learners wanted the freedom to download and listen to them any time they wanted.

Now you can! Downloads will allow you to review lessons at your own pace and to study wherever and whenever you like.


As technology allows us to do more tasks easily, the options you have for self-study continue to increase. We hope these new features will make your study sessions more effective and convenient.

However, remember that communicating with other people is the real goal. So we encourage you to use these features to build your skills and confidence so you're more prepared to have real conversations with our excellent tutors and with English speakers wherever you meet them.