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What Engoo Lesson Materials Are Right For You?

What Engoo Lesson Materials Are Right For You?

Engoo has thousands of free lesson materials to help students of all levels improve their English. These include lessons on business English, test preparation, vocabulary, conversation, and more.

This post will explain how to pick Engoo materials based on your:

Your Level

Engoo has lesson materials at 10 different levels. Use this slider on the Materials page to find lessons at each level.

Our Global Level Guide explains what each level means, and on the right side of the guide, you can use your scores on tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS to figure out your level.

Conversation Lessons

Our Conversation category has lessons from levels 1 to 7, making it a great starting point for most learners.

Each lesson focuses on a basic conversation skill or topic and introduces useful vocabulary and expressions, which you can apply to real conversations. Here are some lessons to give you an idea:

English for Kids

Young learners can start with English for Kids. They'll learn the alphabet, basic vocabulary, and simple sentences through fun songs and games.

Here are some lessons that'll give you an idea of our kids lessons:

Your Interests

Learning with materials you like will help you improve faster. So after figuring out your level, make sure to pick lessons that interest you.

Engoo Daily News

You'll definitely find something you like in our most popular material, Engoo Daily News. We release new lessons every day on all sorts of topics – from arts and entertainment to science and technology and more.

Our team of teachers and journalists make sure the English is simple but authentic, so you don't have to worry about the articles being too difficult. Plus, we include lots of discussion questions to spark conversation between you and your tutor. So you'll naturally improve your English speaking skills while learning more about topics that interest you.

To get a taste for Engoo Daily News, try searching your favorite topic in the search bar!

Travel & Culture

Travel lovers will like Travel & Culture. Lessons in this category teach practical language you can use when traveling. There are also lessons on popular holiday destinations, cultures around the world, and slang from different English-speaking countries.

Check out these lessons to get a taste:

Health & Lifestyle

If you're into exercising and staying healthy, check out Health & Lifestyle. You'll learn useful expressions and be able to talk about popular health-related topics. There are also lessons which teach you how to get medical help in English.

To get you started, here are some lessons from this category:

Your Goals

We also have different materials for learners with all kinds of goals.

Business English

If your goal is to improve your business English, try our Business materials. You'll learn to write emails, negotiate, conduct meetings, and more.

To give you an idea, here are some lessons from this category:

Test Preparation

If your goal is to pass a standardized test, check out our IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC materials. These materials have plenty of exercises and tips to prepare you for the speaking portions of the exams.

In particular, our IELTS materials were made by an IELTS examiner and university professor with two decades of English-teaching experience. Exercises in each lesson target the four skills that test-takers are judged on (pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, and grammar) and introduce useful expressions they can use in the speaking test.

Check out these IELTS lessons to get an idea:

Don't forget you can take these lessons with tutors who have test prep experience or have even taken these exams themselves! Just search for "IELTS," "TOEFL", or "TOEIC" in the tutor search bar.


Learners who want to improve their English grammar can check out our Grammar lessons. We explain grammar concepts in simple ways and provide plenty of examples. Plus, we only teach grammar that native English speakers actually use.

Check out these lessons to get a feel for our Grammar materials:

Describing Pictures

Learners who want to build vocabulary in a relaxing way can check out our Describing Pictures lessons. Each lesson features three photographs along with some helpful words you can use to describe them.

Check out these lessons to get an idea:

Give our Lessons a Try!

At the end of the day, the best way to know which materials you should be using is to try them out with a tutor. So if you haven't already, join Engoo!