Preparations before the lesson

If you have a Skype account and an Internet connection on your computer, you can start your lessons right away!


You need Skype to attend your lessons

To have English lessons, you need to use Skype. With Skype you can share audio, video, and chat with your tutor.

Skype is an easy to use software that can be downloaded for free

Install Skype

Are you ready to improve your English?

Are you ready to learn English? After your connection and Skype are all set up, you can immediately book your free trial lessons.

If you decide to have more classes, you can choose one of the three paid lesson plans.

Try two 25 minutes classes

Try the classes

Sign the contract

Pay for the classes

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Click on "Schedules".


Click on the "Open" button to reserve a class.


After clicking the "Open" button, a pop-up window will appear. You can request for a specific lesson in that window.


Once your reservation is complete, you will be able to see your lesson details.

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Log in to your Skype account and check your audio quality by calling the "Echo / Sound Test Service".

About Skype voice test

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Your tutor will send you a contact request before the lesson, so be sure to accept the request.

About Skype operation

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The class starts as soon as you answer the tutor's call on Skype. You may have free conversation or use lesson materials.

About Skype

Demonstration of Engoo English conversation.

1. Greeting

  • Tutor: "Hello, how are you?"

  • Student: "I'm fine!"

  • Tutor: "I'm Greta! What is your name?"

  • Student: "I'm Taro. Nice to meet you!"

2. Expression and Explanation

We have a variety of materials. Tutors can also conduct free conversation classes.

English materials here!

3. Saying Goodbye

  • Tutor: "Thank you! See you next time!"

  • Student: "Thank you! Bye!"

  • 1. Tutor's Profile

  • 2. Lesson request for the tutor

  • 3. Click for more details about the lesson.

  • 4. The tutor's name

  • 5. Rating

  • 6. Comments about the tutor

  • 7. Feedback from the tutor

  • 8. Grammar, achievements, etc.

  • 9. Main vocabulary learnt