Do you have specific courses for children?
What are the payment methods?
I would like to know more about billing and expiration dates, please.
Can 2 or more people use the same account?
Do you offer trial classes?
Are there any additional charges aside from my monthly fee?
If I still have one trial class left and I become a member, will I keep that free trial Lesson?
Can you explain the procedure about becoming a member once my free trial is over?
My registration didn´t go correctly. What should I do?
Should I pay for registration?
Can I register more than one account from the same e-mail address?
How is my registered information going to be used?
How can I change the schedule of my classes?
Can I change the e-mail account linked to my account?
Can I change my password?
Can I change the Skype account that I am using?
How do the lessons start?
Can I use a Tablet or a smartphone for the class?
Can I prepare my own materials for the class?
Can I use Engoo while I am abroad?
At what time are the classes offered?
Can the teacher correct my English during the lesson?
Can children have classes too?
Will the sound quality be affected if I use a smartphone to take the class?
What kind of teacher will I have during the lesson?
What kind of lessons can the teachers provide?
Can I have other language classes instead of English?
Can I use different Skype accounts for the classes?
Can I use a different computer other than the usual one?
Please explain how a transfer ticket works
Can I have a transfer ticket if I don´t attend a class?
In what other cases can I ask for a transfer ticket?
Can transfer tickets be transferred?
I would like to know how to use Transfer Tickets to book classes, please.
Are there days when Engoo is closed?
Tell me about class evaluations
When can I book a class? How much time do I have to cancel my booking?
Can I change my teacher every day?
If it´s the first time I have an English class, what kind of teacher should I choose?
The class has been cancelled. Can I book another one?
Can I cancel my booking?
If the student was absent without notice, will there be any penalty?
How long can I be delayed after my lesson starts?
How many classes can I book?
I reserved a lesson but Engoo cancelled it. Why?
I can´t hear my teacher. What should I do?
The sound quality is bad. What should I do?
How can I change my Skype status?
My teacher cannot hear me. What should I do?
I cannot click a link in Skype chat box. What should I do?
I cannot log in to the Engoo site. What should I do?
What kind of TOEIC materials do you have?
Do you have suitable materials for beginners?
How much do the materials for the class cost?
Is there any educational material for children?
Can you recommend any other site to practice free conversation?
Do you have materials for suitable business conversation?
Are there any additional charges for using Skype?
I already have a Skype account. How do I change my username?
What is Skype?
How do I start using Skype?
Please teach me how to change the login status of Skype to "Online".
Where can I download Skype?
How do I perform the audio check on Skype?
How do I re-install Skype?
How can I downgrade my version of Skype?
How do I check my Skype user name?
How do I add contacts on Skype?
How do I change my privacy settings?
How do I stop Skype from automatically starting when I start my computer?
How do I delete contacts from Skype?
What contacts will I have to add to my account?
How do I change the default language used to display Skype?
What is the difference between my Skype user name and the display name?
What is the purpose of the chat box?
What is the purpose of the chat window?
How can I view my chat history?
How do I change the size of the Skype chat window?
How can I use the video call?
What is a video call?