Do you have specific courses for children?

Right now we don't have specific courses for children but we have materials available to make the little ones feel comfortable during the class.

What are the payment methods?

We accept Worldpay payments. For more details read "About Worldpay"

About Worldpay
I would like to know more about billing and expiration dates, please.

Your plan will be active 1 month from the subscription date. For example, if you become a member on 20/2, your plan will expire on 19/3.

Payment date Expiration date Available time
First month 2/20 2/20~3/19 One month
Second month 3/20 3/20~4/19 One month
Third month 4/20 4/20~5/19 One month

Note that the monthly settlement from the discharge date is automatically updated every month

Can 2 or more people use the same account?

No, it is not allowed for 2 or more people to use the same account. The only exception is that if a child is going to use the service, it´s allowed that other family members can also use the account.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes. We offer two 25 minutes trial classes

Are there any additional charges aside from my monthly fee?

There are no additional charges aside from your monthly fee

If I still have one trial class left and I become a member, will I keep that free trial Lesson?

Unfortunately, you will lose the remaining free trial lesson

Can you explain the procedure about becoming a member once my free trial is over?

You just click on "Subscribe" on the left hand side of your profile.

My registration didn´t go correctly. What should I do?

Please notify us through "Contact us" if you couldn´t complete the registration

Should I pay for registration?

No, registration is completely free.

Can I register more than one account from the same e-mail address?

It´s not allowed to register several accounts from the same e-mail address.

How is my registered information going to be used?

In compliance with our Privacy policy, all your information will be kept confidential.

How can I change the schedule of my classes?

Log into your account and click on the "My Account". You will see all of your classes your booked. Click on "Cancel" next to the class you want to cancel and search for new available class.

Can I change the e-mail account linked to my account?

Yes, you can change it at any time.

Just click on "change my e-mail account".
Can I change my password?
Can I change the Skype account that I am using?

Yes, you can change your Skype account.
You can change it by clicking on "Registration Information" on the left side of your profile.

How do the lessons start?

Log in to your Skype account 5 minutes before the class time and wait for the teacher's call. Once it's time for the class to begin, the teacher will call you. You will see an "answer" and a "reject" button. Click on the "answer" button to start the lesson

Can I use a Tablet or a smartphone for the class?

Sure. You just have to use the Skype app on your device. You can use the Skype app on you smartphone or tablet for the class

Can I prepare my own materials for the class?

Yes, you can prepare your own materials for the class. Please send the URL of the material in the chat box at the beginning of the class.

Can I use Engoo while I am abroad?

Sure, Engoo Services are available abroad.

At what time are the classes offered?

Our Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can the teacher correct my English during the lesson?

Yes, the teacher can correct your pronunciation and grammar, as well as help you with sentence building and vocabulary. Please specify the amount of corrections you want to receive in the student's wish.

Can children have classes too?

Yes, children can use our service. Recently, we have been getting many inquiries about a children's course. These are the materials we are offering them (I assume a link will follow)

Take a look at the materials
Will the sound quality be affected if I use a smartphone to take the class?

If you are using a smartphone for the class, Skype's sound quality can be unstable.
※ A transfer ticket will not be issued due to bad sound quality if the student is using a smartphone (or any other handheld device) in order to take the lesson.

What kind of teacher will I have during the lesson?

We have excellent teachers from different countries around the world with experience in teaching English. You can choose your teacher through this link

Our Teachers
What kind of lessons can the teachers provide?

It depends on the student's wish.

  • Travel
  • Pronunciation
  • English for children
  • Business
  • Free conversation
Can I have other language classes instead of English?

Yes, you can have other language classes. Please mention to your teacher through the student wish that you would like to learn a different language. As we are an English school we can´t provide support or compensation for other languages.
※ Although other language classes are not forbidden; Please understand that we can´t guarantee the quality of the classes, in this case, provided by the teacher.

Can I use different Skype accounts for the classes?

Yes, you can use different Skype accounts, but you should update your profile with the new Skype information.

Can I use a different computer other than the usual one?

Yes, you can use different computers. Just make sure you log in to your Skype account you have submitted when registering for Engoo. Make sure to remember your username and password.

Please explain how a transfer ticket works

If the teacher cannot conduct a class because of the Internet or other technical issues, you will receive a transfer ticket to compensate you.
※ If you cancel a lesson booked with a transfer ticket you will lose it. In case you use a transfer ticket and the teacher can´t conduct the class again we will provide you with a new one.

Can I have a transfer ticket if I don´t attend a class?

You can only receive transfer tickets for classes you attend.

In what other cases can I ask for a transfer ticket?

If the teacher's connection is bad or he/she is late for more than 5 minutes we will provide you with a transfer ticket
However, for the following situations we will not provide you with a transfer ticket:

  • If we confirm that the teacher's connection is good.
  • If the student is late, absent or if he/she forgot to cancel the class.
  • If the teacher was 5 minutes late but extended the class 5 minutes.
  • If a lesson was not reserved in advance.
Can transfer tickets be transferred?

The students cannot give Transfer tickets to anyone else.

I would like to know how to use Transfer Tickets to book classes, please.

Transfer tickets will be automatically used when you book classes over your daily limit. You may use as many transfer tickets in a day as you want. Transfer tickets are only valid for 1 month after being issued.

Are there days when Engoo is closed?

Engoo serves 7/24 except for some special holidays such as 25 December Christmas, 31 December or 1 January New Year holiday.

Tell me about class evaluations

We provide our teachers with coaching and feedback sessions based on the student's evaluations

When can I book a class? How much time do I have to cancel my booking?

You can book a class up to 15 minutes before the class begins. You can cancel a reservation up to 30 minutes before the class time.

Can I change my teacher every day?

Yes, students can change their teacher on a daily basis

If it´s the first time I have an English class, what kind of teacher should I choose?

If it´s the first time you have an English class you might be a little bit nervous. We recommend you to choose a teacher that can offer Spanish support.

The class has been cancelled. Can I book another one?

Yes, you can book another class if the one you reserved has been cancelled.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking up to 30 minutes before the start of the class.

If the student was absent without notice, will there be any penalty?

There is no penalty if the student was absent without notice, aside from you losing the booked class.

How long can I be delayed after my lesson starts?

You can be late up to 15 minutes after the lesson starts. If you do not attend during those 15 minutes, the teacher can conclude the lesson as "No Show".

How many classes can I book?

It depends on the plan you have selected.
When you finish your booked classes for the day, you can book new classes.
The number of possible bookings- The number of booked classes - = the number of available booking
However, if you subscribe to the 1 lesson/day plan, you can´t book more than one class a day. You can book a class for the next day. Consequently, if you subscribe to the 2 lesson/day plan or the 3 lesson/day plan you cannot book classes for the next day, if you already have classes today.

I reserved a lesson but Engoo cancelled it. Why?

Lessons are cancelled when the payment cannot be confirmed. Please contact us for further information.

I can´t hear my teacher. What should I do?

To confirm the cause of the problem please follow these instructions:

  • Check if the headset and microphone are plugged into the correct jacks.
  • Check if the volume of the headset is not on mute.
  • Check if your headset has not been turned off.
    Click on Windows button in the lower left hand corner. Select control panel, then hardware and sound and manage audio devices
  • Check the volume of the headset on Skype. Click in options and then Audio settings

If the problem persists even when these steps have been done it may be a problem with the headphones or the speaker

Connect the headphone/speaker to other device to see if it works normally

The sound quality is bad. What should I do?

If the sound quality is bad please click on this link

Go to the Skype sound quality assistant

If you have any further questions please contact customer support

How can I change my Skype status?

Please check this site:

Changing Skype status
My teacher cannot hear me. What should I do?

Please check the following:

  • Check if the headset and microphone are plugged into the correct jacks.
  • Check if the volume of the microphone is not on mute.
  • For Windows in English, start Windows > "Control Panel" > "Sounds and Audio Devices" > "Recording." Check that your headset has not been turned off.
  • If the headset has an integrated microphone
    If the headset is on silent mode
  1. Check to see if your headset’s microphone is on mute, or if your microphone has not been turned on.
    • You can also check the volume of your microphone, or if it is plugged in correctly.
    • You can further try checking to see if it is possible to record audio on your computer using any other software aside from Skype.
  2. Your computer’s audio is on mute.
    • For Windows in English, you can click on the Start menu in Windows > “Control Panel” > “Hardware and Sound” > “Sound” > “Adjust the system volume.”
  3. Your Skype is on mute.
    • You can click “Tools” > “Options” > “Audio Settings” > “Microphone” and adjust the volume.
I cannot click a link in Skype chat box. What should I do?

Generally when you click on a link, it opens automatically in your browser

Nevertheless, sometimes it will not happen so. In this case, please copy and paste the link in your browser to access the website

I cannot log in to the Engoo site. What should I do?

If you cannot log in , please check the following:

  • You entered the correct email and password.
  • If you are using the correct letter case, since the log in page is case-sensitive. Simply switch to the correct case by pressing “Caps Lock” key or pushing down on the "Shift" key on your keyboard.
  • Make sure there are no spaces included before and/or after the email address.
  • Check that your browser settings have been configured not to accept cookies. In your browser settings, click “Tools” > “Internet Options” > “Privacy” and set it to accept cookies.
What kind of TOEIC materials do you have?

We are working on our TOEIC materials

Do you have suitable materials for beginners?

We have educational materials for beginners. Even the ones that aren't confident in their English speaking skills, can attend class and feel comfortable

How much do the materials for the class cost?

All materials are free to use by our students

Is there any educational material for children?

We have suitable materials for children and parents can attend to the class with them

Can you recommend any other site to practice free conversation?

Yes, you can check this link:

Conversation questions for ESL / EFL Classroom
Do you have materials for suitable business conversation?

For free conversation on business topics, we recommend articles from BBC and BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek BBC
Are there any additional charges for using Skype?

Downloading and using Skype is free.

I already have a Skype account. How do I change my username?

If you already have a Skype account, you cannot change your Skype username, but can change your nickname.

What is Skype?

Skype is Microsoft’s free Internet communication platform and provides text, audio and video communication functions.

How do I start using Skype?
  • For Windows Operating System
    1. Double click the Skype icon and it will start
    2. If there is no Skype icon on your desktop, click the Start button, select Programs → Skype's Skype → Skype.
  • For Mac Operating System
    1. Click on the dock or desktop icon and it will start
    2. If there is no Skype icon on your dock or desktop, click the Search button on the dock, select Application → Skype
Please teach me how to change the login status of Skype to "Online".

For information about changing the login status of Skype, please see:

Changing the Login status
Where can I download Skype?

You can download Skype from the following websites:

Skype for Windows
Skype for Mac
How do I perform the audio check on Skype?

On your contacts list, click “Echo / Sound Test Service” and press the call button. Listen to the voice prompt and follow the instructions to check your audio settings.

How do I re-install Skype?

Once Skype has been uninstalled or deleted, it is necessary to re-install it. Firstly, to uninstall:
For Windows (with * versions, there may be some slight differences.)

Select “Uninstall program” or “Add or Remove programs,” and delete Skype. Download Skype from the Skype website again after the uninstallation has been completed

Download Skype from the web site after the uninstall is complete

How can I downgrade my version of Skype?

Once Skype has been uninstalled or deleted, you can install previous versions of Skype from the following websites:

Download Skype for Windows   |   Download Skype for Windows
How do I check my Skype user name?
  1. It is displayed in the upper part of the window once Skype has been launched.
  2. It is also possible to check it within Skype. Please see the following for more information.
  3. How to check your Skype name
  4. Once you log out or restart Skype, the Skype name that had just been used will be displayed.
How do I add contacts on Skype?

Contact is online.
If the contact is online, the “Add as contact” button will appear automatically. Your contact will then proceed to accept your request.

Contact is offline
You will have to wait for your contact to be back online for your invitation to be accepted.

Other ways to add someone as a contact

  1. Move the mouse over the person's picture and right click on it
  2. Your contact request will be sent when you click on the "Add as a contact" option showed in the menu. Next, click on "send request". The button should be in the middle of the screen
    ※ If the "Add as a contact" option did not show up, that means that your request has been accepted and the contact is in your contacts list.
  3. If the request is accepted you have successfully finished adding the person to your contact list.
How do I change my privacy settings?

After signing in to Skype, click

“Tools” > “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Advanced” > “Allow Call.”

You can then change the privacy settings of the call to “anyone.” The chat privacy setting can also be changed in the same way:

“Tools” > “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Advanced” > “Allow chat” > “Anyone.”

You can also decline permission for other users to send messages to you:

“Function” > “Options” > “Privacy Settings” > “Allow users to messages to me”> “Any person.”
You can also give permission to anyone to send you messages ( "function" → "Options" → "Privacy Settings" → "allows users to send messages to me" → "any person" ).

How do I stop Skype from automatically starting when I start my computer?

Click “Tools” → “Options” → “General Settings” and uncheck the option: “Start Skype when the computer starts.”

How do I delete contacts from Skype?

To remove someone from your contact list, just right click their name and select "Remove from contacts". Once you will stop having classes at Engoo, you may delete the contacts you have added while here. However, we recommend you do not select either one of the "Block" or "Report" options, in case you wish to return. None of our employees will contact you once you have unsubscribed from our service

What contacts will I have to add to my account?

The first contact request you will get is from Customer support (cs skype account) Please accept their request since they will be the ones assisting you with any concern you may have. Once you start booking classes, you will start receiving contact requests from our teachers. Please accept these requests in order to receive the full Engoo experience

How do I change the default language used to display Skype?

To change language settings go to: "Tools" → "Options" → "General Settings" and choose the desired language for Skype.

What is the difference between my Skype user name and the display name?

Please always use the Skype user name upon registration. If you register your Skype display name, your teacher might not be able to call you on time. Also, after logging in to your Engoo account, click "Registration Information" on the left side of the page and change your Skype name. Please refer to the image below.

What is the purpose of the chat box?

Skype chat is where you send written messages to your teacher in the chat box.

What is the purpose of the chat window?

The chat window can be used for this:

  1. Write words that you don´t understand
  2. Send links to other websites
  3. To tell the teacher the materials you want to use

If you want to talk with a contact, click on the contact name from the contact list and then click on "Send IM" (Instant Message)

How can I view my chat history?

The chat history is available in the chat window:

  1. Click to open the teacher's dialog box.
    There you can see the chat log, including the chat history for yesterday and all the way back to the date the contact was added.
  2. Please note that depending on your Skype settings, your Skype chat history may be automatically deleted.
  3. Choose Skype software at the top “function” > “Options” > “Privacy Settings” > “Save Record” > “Choose what you want to save.”
How do I change the size of the Skype chat window?

If you want to increase the width of the chat window to change the display size, move the mouse to outline the chat window, hold down the left click to start zooming.

How can I use the video call?

When the teacher calls you;
When you receive the call, please click the "Answer with video" button.

When you call the teacher;
Click the Video call button (video camera button).

What is a video call?

A video call is a call through Skype that not only has audio but video as well. Video calls enable you to see your teacher in real time during your lesson.