Great experience with different teachers from all over the world

First I would like to thank you for all the attention I received when doubt has arisen. I was looking for the possibility of Skype English classes, if possible at night because of my working hours, and I found Engoo. What I liked most, including the great option of choice of times, it was the great diversity of teachers from different countries. I honestly think it's the best place to learn English, because you can learn English with a wide variety of accents. As for materials, I can not comment, because my classes were open conversation, but if I would mention the friendliness and professionalism of teachers (one from the Philippines and one from Serbia), which made me feel like if we were lifelong friends. Correct you when you make a mistake (I comentándotelo or using the chat), making participatory class to talk. Finally I would highly recommend this type of classes, especially because you can choose teachers from almost anywhere in the world recommend, and for the duration of classes (25 minutes), which become very profitable, especially if your level of English it is not very high. A plus point, when decantarme to make classes Engoo was the possibility to choose different teachers from different countries or the same, because when we hear the same teacher every day, our ear gets used to the accent, not we improve the listening as fast as when we used to hear different accents. I encourage everyone to try and values. In my case, I appreciate the possibility to change teacher and the wide range of schedules for classes.

Jorge Madrid