Engoo is a new solution of English lesson for the busy person

Use the Engoo to practice conversation and revise English grammar. There you always find many native teachers available 24 hours a day, all week. I've tried to do language exchange, but never worked well. Usually people are always busy and do not have a real project, making it virtually impossible to maintain a learning routine.

Engoo is very practical and has great prices. I have an hour lesson every day, including the weekend. Mobility makes it even more convenient service. Because even when you do not have much time, I can do the lessons. I connect my phone on 4G internet and I have my class while I do my daily walk. I started improving my English and then took that teachers have an international training or are natives of countries with more than one official language to practice other languages ​​as well.

I recommend Engoo for those who have a busy schedule and can not take classes in a specific time, but especially for those who need to learn fast and are tired of wasting time and money on conventional extremely long course, with few hours a week and dozens of people with different levels in the same room.

Simone Evangelista