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I am Laura and I am really looking forward to work with you. My last job experiences refer to English and I still choose jobs that give me the opportunity to do something that I truly love. That it because I strongly believe that when you do something you love, you do not have to work for a day in your life. You feel happy. I am very passionate about English and I believe I have what it takes to help the students. :)

star 4.76
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  • Jimstar3

    She is nice, but it seems that her device went something wrong. Sometimes she couldn't hear my voice and give me some feedback immediately.

  • rossstar5


  • Diegostar2

    she was late for the class about 2 minutes due to the connection according to her saying and she ended the class after 26 minutes without any words. the reason why i mentioned this is that I thought she ended the class intentionally. she taught me wrong class such as her hair is bunned but I said it was wrong but she insisted it was correct and she didn't correct my spelling when I typed checkured apron even though I required her to correct them over and over again. she said the man is holding the cover part. but not cover part. cover or lid is correct. yes I understand all because everyone can be mistaken but I felt that you just wanted to have the class loosely. if you teach me like this, I lose my 25 minutes and my money. anyway thank you for the class.

  • Aishastar5

    i enjoyed aloooot 5 STARS

  • Yumi Ahnstar5

    발음도 좋고, 알아들을수 있도록 천천히 말해주세요~~ 중간중간 틀리 문법도 잘 교정해줘서 좋았어요~~

SchoolAsim Vokshi Foreign Language High School
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