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Hi there! My name is Teacher Tarey and I would be honored to be your teacher! My major is Finance and my hobbies are reading books and watching movies. I love teaching because I have passion to interact with people from different cultures and share my knowledge. I enjoy working with all age groups, starting from kids to adults, entry to advanced, having fun, and motivating classes. So come, book my class so we can talk on any topic and learn a lot about the English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

star 4.85
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  • Diegostar3

    Hope you understand students are not perfect at English. That's why we are here to learn it. You don't need to show your frustration at me even though I can't speak English well. I just tried to understand the vocabulary of the meaning. hope don't accept that was rudeness. just listen to what we want to say carefully. I can't force you. that's upto you and I think that's the teacher attitude.

  • sominhyeoungstar5

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  • Danielstar5

    It was great class, Hope to see you again in all seriousness!!

  • Umstar5

    Thank you Teacher ?? You teach very well.

  • jenniferstar5

    seriou very

SchoolNational University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe
HobbyReading books
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