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Stephen N

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My name is Stephen and I am from Ghana. I am very fond of the teaching career. I have accumulated a lot of experience dealing with students.The teaching profession is sacred and great. I have a wealth of knowledge, but also a noble sentiment.The most important thing is that I am very fond of students and I have a good way to communicate. I will continue to study hard, work hard and contribute my efforts for the home education. Lastly, I am patient, kind and show no favoritism.

star 4.76
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  • Bankstar5

    Thank you, teacher. You are a funny and friendly teacher.

  • Bankstar5

    Great !! see you next class.

  • Bookstar5

    see you again teacher !!!!!!!

  • Siristar5

    Thank you for your teaching. Nice teacher.

  • Auguststar5

    Dear Stephen: Thanks you for your effort in today's lesson. I feel good , especially we have some interesting conversation for some countries environment. Thank you very much, and hope to see you soon next time.

SchoolUniversity of Ghana Legon
HobbyReading books, basketball, swimming
Favorite MoviesHidden Figures