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I am a native English speaker from the United States of America. In school, I was a member of the organizations: Future Teachers of America and the National Honor Society. I have been working as a private tutor for the past 10 years. I was also employed with the Department of Parks and Recreation, which focused on education in the visual and performing arts. In my free time, I love reading and playing the piano. I also have a strong interest in learning more about people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Teaching English as a second language is an exciting way to educate and learn at the same time.

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  • Teresastar5

    Hi dear Maia, lovely to meet you today, it was a wonderful first lesson with you, . we got to know each other better after we had a little introduction . now you are a teacher in my list so i believe we can have a lot of chance to talk . thank you for the perfect answering of my questions about the difference between people skills and soft skills,and big shift and so on. i was enjoyable learning knowledge with you .see you soon!

  • James Leestar5

    매우 친절하시고 편안하게 대화할 수 있도록 해주심

  • rossistar5

    The teacher is very patient and attentive Incorrect words will be corrected one by one

  • ROD KIMstar5

    very good teacher

  • Yong Chostar5

    강사님이 친절하게 발음 교정을 잘 해 주었습니다. 그리고 수업시간 내내 웃으면서 즐겁게 가르쳐 주었습니다. 감사합니다.

SchoolWithrow High School
Favorite MoviesLittle Women