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Vic V

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I hold a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Sciences. I am a SCUBA Instructor since 1986. I enjoy experiencing different cultures and their cuisine worldwide. I have been fortunate to have been exploring different countries since I was 12 years old. I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have been living and traveling around Asia for 4 years. I have been teaching professionally for 30+ years with over 4 years of TEFL teaching experience. I enjoy teaching because I receive my biggest feeling of accomplishment when I have sincerely helped a fellow human being learn something I am able to help them with!

star 4.85
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  • Chanaystar5

    I always feel relax when I have talked with you. Thank you for make me feel comfortable and confident to speak. Thanks so much Vic :D

  • jamesstar5

    문장에서 틀린 부분을 바로 지적해 주세요.

  • Nichastar5

    I have a wonderful conversation today thank you teacher.

  • Nichastar5

    I have more confidence for learning today. Thank you teacher.

  • Nichastar5

    Thank you for helping and teaching me.

SchoolNew York State University Binghamton
HobbyMusic, Novels, Swimming, Yoga, Bicycling, Movies
Favorite MoviesDr. Zhivago