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Ana P

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Hello there! I am a psychology student and the way I spend my free time is with hobbies that include photography, art, cooking, watching movies, travelling and spending time with my friends and family. My experience in teaching English is through tutoring my classmates and friends - I love the feeling of helping someone improve their abilities and since this is something I am good at, I like to do exactly that. I've worked with kids for almost a year before and I enjoyed that very much. That experience proved to be a very valuable and helpful one. English (like any other skill) is best learnt through practice and with being persistent you are bound to see results, so that's how I like to engage my students. I dedicate my time and energy fully to every lesson and I will be patient and do my best to engage you during my lessons, so that you master the English language effectively and while having fun! If you would like to learn the Macedonian language I can help you there as well! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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  • Jinnystar5

    긴장되었는데 친절하고 좋았어요

  • Choi Yongjunstar5

    Ana knows different types of music in the world.

  • Emil Rakhimyanovstar5

    Thank you, that was a great time :)

  • Jeabstar5

    Teacher Ana P is so kind. I like to talk with her.

  • KRIDIPstar5

    She is understandable and very patient. Thank You Anastasija Panova

SchoolInternational Slavic University "G. R. Derzhavin"
HobbyPhotography, art, cooking
Favorite MoviesWall-E