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I have a Bachelor of Medical Sciences in Medical Cell Biology and I'm a certified English teacher. I have 2 years of English teaching experience and have worked with learners of different age groups and English proficiency. From that, I have gained the skill to plan my lessons to always meet my students' needs and to deliver interactive and fun lessons. My teaching philosophy is creating a classroom environment where students are free to voice their opinions and ask questions without the fear of making mistakes. I decided to become a teacher because I love working with students and imparting knowledge and furthermore, I have a passion for education. I find that teaching provides a platform for sharing knowledge while also learning. I believe my academic and professional background, along with my personal qualities listed above will make me an ideal tutor. In my free time, I like reading, listening to music, hiking, watching Netflix shows, and exploring new places.

star 4.79
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  • Quangstar5

    Good teacher

  • Sophiastar5

    I was glad to meet her and it was a great time to make conversation with her. She emphasized to me carefully, so I felt comfortable! Thank you for her tutoring and deep sympathy. I hope we can meet again~

  • Fernstar5

    teacher equipment is not good

  • saleh adamstar5

    she is very helpful, recommended

South Africa
SchoolUniversity of Cape Town
HobbyReading books, watching series, hiking, swimming, running.
Favorite MoviesBlack Panther