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I was one of the top 5 contestants in a National Spelling Competition broadcasted on tv in 2019. I was also the school MC for main events and a teaching assistant. My hobbies include reading, watching movies, working out and watching tv shows of different languages. English is a universal language and being proficient in speaking English is an advantage in this era that's why I've wanted to become an English tutor. Active conversations about common topics, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to teach English so I, as your tutor hope to engage you in conversations and explain tricky vocabulary with clear examples while having a friendly environment for you to be more comfortable and help you become confident with your English skills. I'm also a proficient Tamil speaker so I will be able to teach Tamil for interested students.

star 4.82
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  • halstar5

    nice talking

  • soghnistar5

    A very good way of teaching even though i can't speak English constantly, she helped me to speak, Her friendly nature makes me speak more English, Such a great Tutor, Thank you.

Sri Lanka
SchoolGampola Zahira College
HobbyReading books, music , watching movies and tv shows
Favorite MoviesAvengers