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Fay Fay

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My name is Faith. I am a very passionate and dedicated person. I love people and enjoy helping them reach their fullest potential. I am a loyal person, because of this I struggle to leave a job half done and prefer to completely finish a job. I believe its important to stay positive no matter how difficult a task may seem. A positive mind can achieve anything it wants. I also believe its important to try new things and to be open to new adventures that expand your view point on life.

star 4.95
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  • Clairestar5

    더 긴 문장을 만들어볼 수 있도록 잘 유도해주셨어요.

  • soyulstar5

    아이가 재미있데요

  • 06dc1013-b9df-44d2-8951-39e9cbdd3b13star5

    영어 초보이고 첫 수업이였는데 천천히 발음해주셔서 좋았어요.

  • Elliestar5

    영어초보자임에도 불구하고 친절하게 대화를 이끌어주셔서 너무 감사했습니다! 선생님이랑 또 레슨하고싶어서 정기권 결제 예정입니다

  • honnystar4

    모르는 단어 뜻을 잘 가르쳐주셔서 좋았다. 편하게 해주셔서 감사했습니다

South Africa
South Africa
SchoolInstitute of Certified Bookkeepers
HobbySinging, dancing and writing inspirational quotes.
Favorite MoviesThe curious case of Benjamin Button